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Florida-Licensed Preschool | Since 2016 | 15 Years of Experience

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The Leading Preschool in Vero Beach, FL

Hope Montessori Academy (HMA) is a Florida-licensed preschool in Vero Beach, FL. We are committed to providing children with Christ-centered early childhood education. Our goal is to nurture and train God’s lambs as followers of the Savior.

We admit children from the age of one through prekindergarten. We recognize the uniqueness of each child and strive to provide a warm, loving, secure environment where children can develop and experience success at their own rate of maturation. Contact us to learn more about our preschool program or schedule a classroom tour.

What Others Are Saying About Us

“Highly Recommended!

This is not the place where our child refuses to go to in the morning, she loves the school and her teachers too. She has been learning a lot very fast in fun and smart ways. Everyone is caring and great with kids. The owner is always searching for new ideas on how to improve the school.”

Parent Testimony

“When I used to pick up my daughter at her other daycare, she would cry the whole way home and when we got home, she was so hungry and would cry and scream until I fed her. She was ravenous, it was just miserable. My sister spends every Wednesday with her after daycare and she too would experience the same. Well, the FIRST day of Montessori, when I got my daughter, we had an enjoyable ride home and she waited patiently for dinner. Every day since, it has been the same, she has been very peaceful and even keeled. I am pretty certain the other daycare was giving her sweets and juice and perhaps she was crashing by the time I got her. A bunch of empty calories. She also gained 10 lbs while she was there. The other night we went to my sisters after daycare and she and her husband were shocked at the difference and couldn’t believe she would be so different and so fast!! So, I think between your AWESOME menu and the atmosphere, the Lord literally being such a strong part of your program, and the 3 of you being so dedicated and genuine, it all in combination has just really changed our life (already!!!). Thank you for what you do, and for Ms. Carol and Ms. Ya Ya, you are all just wonderful and I am so appreciative.”

Parent Testimony

“A fantastic school!!!!: I can’t say enough great things about this school!! The staff are so warm, caring and compassionate!! They truly care about my son. Before he was enrolled in this school, I had issues with him with regard to listening to his teachers, following directions and staying on task. He would fight with me every morning to go to school. My son loves going to Montessori Learning Center each day! I have seen such a drastic improvement in his behavior since he started this school last September. Definitely check out this school!!!”

Parent Testimony